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Night shift...

Here we go with the shifting schedules at work... huhuh... days are too fast and it's now... August 16,2010, gggrrhhh!!!

Although it's not my first time to be on the shifting schedules. In my previous company I already experience it... but we're on a monthly basis shifting, i can handle to be on the night shift for straight of three months, just to cope with the morning schedules that i have in my life... hehehhe (yah... I'm a super girl), now it's a weekly basis, wow... i'm not used to it, for sure I really need more adjustments especially on my bed time mood... hayyyssT... tsk...tsk...tsk!!!

For almost one year and three months, I work for a normal time, 7:30 am -5:25 pm, I really enjoy this kind of schedule, i can hang-out after office but still have enough time to rest and have a good mood for the following day... but to pursue the company plan for expansion and development, we have to go with this change of work schedule. 8:00 am - 5:55 pm this is the morning shift and 5:25 pm - 3:20 am, is the night shift... quite different on the shifting schedule that i'm used to before...

But this is it... i know i can cope up with this, just a little motivation on myself... hehehe. Maybe a cup of coffee would be good, since beer in not allowed... hahaha

Goodluck to the pretty ME... @_@

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