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Be bored ^_^

Many of us are always busy, with all our responsibilities we're doing everyday... planners are full of daily deadlines we're account to do, that it's to impossible for us to just seat down and do nothing... remember "we are human beings not human doings"

Being bored is not always dreadful, but occasionally it's quite beneficial. So, don't confine yourself not to be bored... I know, it's a little bit weird suggestion, hehehe... but allowing yourself to be bored for just a moment, an hour or less,  it makes you feel relax and at ease. You just need to practice it, 'coz most of us always resist on it, we can't barely stand with it not to do something every second. But if you got to used with it, definitely you will enjoy that sudden moment of being bored... lolz!!!

Generally speaking, it's not about being idle for an hour or being lazy, but learning to relax a little even in the middle or after a tiring day. For we're to anxious to "What's next".  What is good of doing nothing is, it clears our mind, and allows our freedom to "not to know" or "to think" even for just a short period of time. Our mind, is just like our body... it also needs a break from its long and demanding day routine. When we do this, it regenerates our minds capacity and we become more focused...(*_*)

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