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It`s Doc`s day @_@

What`s up Doc!

How could I forget her, she is my first classmate I get acquainted too during the first day of class when we`re first year, I-faith. She, with is very short, curly??? (kinky) hair, hehehe. Since then we become friends… with her short curly hair, she has this fashion of putting neon color hair clip, not only one but two, sometimes on both sides of her head and sometimes on the same side… lolz! We also share the fun of dancing “CHEERPY CHEERPY CHEERP” together with tinay gamba, Sheila ermino, Julie ann chaio, Julie ann teston, on the ground of SAA wearing a Macarena shorts… heheheh Aside for being always in same section from first year to fourth year, we also belong in same organization… we`re both fullpledge COMers…

But now she`s totally grown up… except for her height ;-)… not just as a lady, but a mom of two pretty cute little angels, yesha and yanna! And aside from being a mom and a wife, she is also a doctor now… a great dentist! Who is she??? She is Dra. Michelle Laganzo-Estellero… but most of us called her Ate Mich.

She is a fighter, a thoughtful friend, funny and pretty cool to be with and lots of adjective to describe her. More birthdays to come... happiness in life to you and to your love ones....

Thanks for the treat in advance... ehehhehe see you later in ALABANG... golp golp golp @_@ - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
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