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Fact : Life Isn't Fair...

Most of us are clamoring that life to be fair… Sometimes we feel pity to ourselves for having a life so miserable. We tend to complain too much, we talk much about the injustices in our life, “It’s not fair”!!!... which I think it was not meant to be, Life isn’t fair, and it’s true. Maybe not all will agree with me, but accepting this reality is quite beneficial.

What is good about accepting this FACT is, it encourage us to do the very best that we can to what we have. For LIFE is not responsible to make things perfect for us… Our life is what we make it. This FACT also reminds us of everyone’s uniqueness. This FACT helped me to deal with, that not everyone can give a hand all the time and so do I to other people, as well as dealing with my personal fights, when I feel unfairly treatment. It’s always reminds me and wakes me up to reality and put me back on track.


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