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Been a Teacher

I never dream to be a teacher nor hated to be one. But I know, I don`t have that patience that a Teacher must have.

As one of the... say.., "Seniors" in the company and pioneer on the Analysis Job. I`ve been given the task to the training for the New hired Associates for the Analysis. Though, this is not new to me, since I also trained the rest of the Senior Associates. The difference is, all seniors have already a knowledge about the software we`re using, unlike with the new hired, we`re going to start from the scratch.

I`m their teacher for a month, and it will end this Friday. Training is over. And it feels good to know that I shared what I`ve also learned inside the company. It`s like an achievement to me, to be part of one person`s development as they gain knowledge and skills. Hoping, that they really gain and learn even a little from me.

" A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops" - Henry Adams

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